OGA Funding Opportunities

Faculty Global Engagement Fund

The Faculty Global Engagement Fund seeks to advance Duke University faculty by promoting innovative approaches to global research and teaching and scholarly engagement, both at Duke and abroad. Funds support international travel and global projects that advance global research, engage with global partners or provide Duke students with new opportunities for global learning and engagement. Funds may also support exploratory travel to establish connections abroad, form a global initiative and/or prepare a project proposal for an OGA or external global funding opportunity. Projects may occur on Duke’s campus, virtually or abroad. All project proposals should delineate measurable outcomes and assessment criteria.

Global Student Research Fund

The Global Student Research Fund supports the global learning, research and professional development of Duke students. Eligible students may apply for funding under one of three categories: Research Projects, Conference Presentations or Pre-Dissertation Travel.

Virtual International Visitor Grants

Virtual meeting technology has become a standard method for communicating and has allowed for meaningful and sustainable connections with international collaborators. Virtual International Visitor Grants will help the Duke community foster strong connections with international partners through virtual engagement.

Global Administrator Travel Grants

Global Administrator Travel Grants are intended to strengthen Duke’s global partnerships and operations by providing administrators with the opportunity to meet their counterparts at Duke’s international partner institutions. Staff will learn about administrative best practices at partner institutions, deepen their understanding of Duke’s international partners and witness firsthand how Duke programs and activities are managed abroad.

Visiting Fulbrighter Support Fund

The Visiting Fulbrighter Support Fund intends to build a stronger sense of community for visiting Fulbright Scholars and Students at Duke and create new opportunities for engagement between Fulbrighters and Duke faculty and staff. Permanent Duke faculty and staff may apply for funds to cover the cost of meals, social outings, and other events that engage visiting Fulbrighters.

Course Enhancement Grants

Course Enhancement Grants support innovative approaches to global teaching, learning and research, both at Duke and abroad. Grants will be awarded to faculty projects that provide Duke students with meaningful global experiences and create new opportunities for global learning and engagement.

Applications are now closed.

Duke-Exeter Initiator and Accelerator Grants

Open to faculty from both universities, these grants prioritize themes of global health, climate change, immigration, and public humanities.

Initiator Grants offer up to $5,000 and are intended to support pilot projects to establish or broaden academic and research collaboration between Duke and Exeter.

Accelerator Grants are intended to support larger scale collaborative initiatives with the aim of securing external funding and/or producing high level outputs and impact and rewards up to $50,000.

Applications are now closed.

Globally Taught Courses

The Duke Globally Taught Courses program supports faculty wishing to collaborate with peers at institutions abroad to co-create graduate courses or course modules delivered virtually via online technology.

Applications are now closed.

Von Der Heyden Fellows Program

This fellowship brings prominent international leaders in business, government, public life, academics and law to Duke’s campus. If you would like to nominate someone to serve as a Von der Heyden fellow, contact Eve Duffy.

Additional Funding

You can search Duke’s research funding database for more opportunities. An advanced search will let you choose “international opportunities” under “discipline.”

If your area of interest is specific to a particular world region, visit the Duke University Center for International and Global Studies’ centers and initiatives to see if they are currently accepting proposals.