Global Administrator Travel Grants

Global Administrator Travel Grants

Global Administrator Travel Grants are intended to strengthen Duke’s global partnerships and operations by providing administrators with the opportunity to meet their counterparts at Duke’s international partner institutions. Staff will learn about administrative best practices at partner institutions, deepen their understanding of Duke’s international partners and witness firsthand how Duke programs and activities are managed abroad.

Award Details

Administrators may apply for awards of up to $3,000 to spend up to one week at a partner institution. A total of 5 awards will be available during the fiscal year. 

Application Deadlines:

Accepted on a rolling basis for staff/admin travel.


Full-time Duke staff who work directly with an international partner and do not travel regularly for their work are eligible to apply. 

It is assumed that Global Administrator Travel Grant applicants are unable to obtain sufficient funding to cover the entire cost of travel through their unit. Applications from staff whose units are able to provide partial funding, or split funding with OGA, will be given preference. 

Application Requirements

Using the form below, applicants must submit the following:

  • A letter of application describing the purpose of your proposed visit, your professional relationship with the partner institution, contacts at the institution with whom you would like to meet, and a description of intended outcomes for your visit
  • Dates of your proposed visit
  • A letter of support from your manager indicating that you are permitted be out of office for the duration of your proposed visit
  • A letter or email from a contact at your partner institution indicating that they are able to appropriately support your visit and arrange key meetings and activities for you (if you do not have a single point of contact with the partner institution, OGA may be able to assist you)
  • An estimated budget for the trip, including any financial support that your unit will provide (50% support is preferred)

Criteria for Review

  • Clarity of purpose for the visit
  • Strength and specificity of intended outcomes for the visit
  • Degree to which the administrator, their unit, and Duke as a whole stand to benefit from the travel grant
  • Appropriateness of budget for the proposed travel

What is required of grantees?

Staff receiving awards are required to provide full itemized reporting of funds spent. Unspent funds must be returned. Awardees are required to submit a brief impact report no later than 30 days after the end of the award period.

Additionally, awardees are required to share their experience with peers by presenting at one of OGA’s “Global Admin” meetings.

Recipients also consent to provide progress updates and have news of their work shared via external communications, such as the Duke Global website, or other press releases and publications, and to present their work at appropriate forums on campus. 

Duke’s COVID-19 Travel Policy

All recipients of funding who engage in international travel are required to comply with Duke’s Global Travel Policy and register their travel via the Duke Travel Registry.

Application form