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Planning an International Project?

International projects require careful organization and thoughtful planning. Whether you are conducting a small-scale research project abroad or developing a joint course with an international partner, it is essential that you coordinate with Duke’s central administration to ensure your program’s success.
There are a variety of resources available to help members of the Duke community identify potential challenges and find solutions for international projects. Some questions you may encounter when developing an international project include: 

  • How can I hire staff or a subcontractor when I’m abroad? 
  • How do I transfer money to an international destination? 

Contacts in Duke’s central administration can provide you with answers and guidance on such matters.  

If you have a research-related question and aren’t sure where to begin, consult Duke’s Resource Guide to Support International Research.

For additional information on policies and procedures for operating a legal, safe and productive international program, see below.

International Payments

Before making an international payment to vendors, researchers, partners, students, or others, please review these applicable Duke policies and resources: 

If you are using federal funds to support international research and/or to make payments, please review the relevant policies at the Office of Sponsored Research’s Research Administration Page.

Embargoed and Sanctioned Countries: The U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) bans or restricts financial transactions with certain individuals and countries. Prior to engaging in any international financial transactions, contact Duke’s Office of Export Controls to determine if the transaction is allowed. The Office of Export Controls maintains a current list of restricted countries. 

Duke’s Corporate Accounts Payable Department reviews all payment requests for restricted countries with the Office of Export Controls.

Foreign National Payments

Corporate Payroll Services issues payments to foreign nationals who are receiving compensatory payments for work performed at Duke University or Duke University Health System. Scholarships, fellowships or postdoctoral scholar awards can be issued as non-compensatory payments. Below are relevant links to Duke’s resources and policies that will help you determine the appropriate category of payment for your situation:

Additional Resources 
If issuing payments to foreign nationals who are independent contractors, please visit the Accounts Payable foreign national page for instructions.

Hiring Abroad

Hiring abroad is a complex process that involves the following considerations: 

  • Duke’s legal status in the country 
  • International payroll job codes 
  • Competitive in-country benefit packages 
  • How wages are paid to an employee overseas 
  • What taxes the employee must pay 
  • HR policies that are in effect 
  • Proper visa to travel to U.S. for foreign national employees 

To get started with hiring abroad, contact the Office of Global Affairs for guidance.

Purchasing Goods & Services

Review these policies regarding the purchase of goods and services both domestically and abroad.

Assessing Risk

International projects may expose you and/or Duke to financial, legal, or other areas of risk. The Office of Global Affairs can help you understand the risk you may incur and can direct you to the appropriate offices for more guidance.

Office of Export Controls

The Office of Export Controls helps Duke comply with U.S. laws regarding the export of resources and sanctions that have been placed upon certain foreign countries. Consult them for assistance with export licenses, travel to sanctioned countries, anti-bribery compliance, and other federal regulations.


The latest information on travel policies and procedures can be found on the Global Administrative and Travel Support page.

External Partners

OEP has extensive expertise in fostering collaborations with industry, government, and nonprofit organizations interested in research partnerships. If you are interested in exploring research partnership opportunities, please reach out to the OEP team. They will work closely with you to understand your research goals and connect you with potential partners.

Central Administration Directory

Entry or TopicEntity/DepartmentContact Information
Accounts PayableAccounts PayableContact
(919) 613-8350
Export ControlsOffice of Export ControlsContact
(919) 668-3877
Financial Travel PoliciesEmployee Travel and ReimbursementContact
(919) 668-3877
Global Admin SupportController’s DivisionContact
(919) 668-5810
Grant Compliance & ManagementOffice of Sponsored ProgramsContact
Human ResourcesHuman ResourcesContact
(919) 684-5600
Information TechnologyOffice of Information TechnologyContact
(919) 684-2200
Internal Audit 
(Compliance issues while abroad)
Office of Audit, Risk and ComplianceContact
(919) 613-7630
Insurance CoverageCorporate Risk ManagementContact
(919) 684-6226
LegalOffice of CounselContact
(919) 684-3955
LibraryUniversity LibrariesContact
(919) 660-5870
News and CommunicationsUniversity CommunicationsContact
(919) 684-2823
PayrollCorporate Payroll ServicesContact
(919) 684-2642
Purchasing AbroadProcurementContact
(919) 613-8350
TaxCorporate Tax Reporting & ServicesContact
(919) 684-0756
Travel PoliciesGlobal Administrative and Travel SupportContact
(919) 684-2910
Treasury/Cash Management 
(Setting up a bank account abroad)
Treasury OperationsContact
(919) 668-5810
Visa Services
Duke Visa ServicesContact
(919) 681-8472
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