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08/31/2022 – New Funding Opportunities, Revaluing Care and More

06/15/2022 – Duke Hosts Exeter, NAFSA 2022 Recap and More

05/16/2022 – Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Addresses Future of Ukrainian Higher Education

04/29/2022 – New Additions to OGA, Global Spotlight, and More

03/31/2022 – International Visitors to Duke, Global Service Award, and More

02/28/2022 – Duke Prof In Central & Latin America, Finding DORI, and More

02/01/2022 – Program Updates

01/27/2022 – New Duke-Exeter Grants, Global Fellows and More

11/30/2021 – Duke-Exeter Projects, Globally Taught Courses and More

11/01/2021 – COVID Accountability Platform, Travel Policy Updates and More

10/06/2021 – New OGA Website, Travel Policy Updates and More

08/30/2021 – Welcome Class of 2025, New Duke Global Team Member and More

04/30/2021 – Inaugural Nakayama Scholars, Earth Day Stories and More

03/31/2021 – President Price on Immigration, Navigating COVID Anxiety and More

02/26/2021 – Global Fellows, International Awards Program and More

02/11/2021 – Happy Lunar New Year from the Office of Global Affairs

01/29/2021 – Global Service Award Recipients, Bass Connections Project Teams and More

12/21/2020 – Happy Holidays from the Office of Global Affairs

11/30/2020 – Get Global on LinkedIn, Bass Connections Around the World and More

11/09/2020 – International Education Week at Duke Is Here

10/30/2020 – New Book On Brazilian Politics, Duke Votes and More

09/30/2020 – New Book On Brazilian Politics, Duke Votes and More

08/31/2020 – Global Service Award, New Gender Studies Major and More

07/31/2020 – Cancelled Summer Plans, Advice for Incoming First-Year Students and More

06/29/2020 – Juneteenth Statement, Family Discussions About Racism and More