Ukraine-related Resources

A message from Eve Duffy, AVP for Global Affairs

Our office wishes to extend its support to all members of our community who are affected by the conflict in Ukraine. We understand that your time here may be complicated by worries you may experience about your families at home.

As with any international crisis, we want to remind you that there are resources at Duke that can assist you in times of need.

Some general guidelines for self-care

  • It is human nature to seek more information when there is troubling news. However, media is 24/7 and too much information can be confusing and overwhelming. Set daily times to check the news, curate reputable news sources, turn off the news alerts on your phone.
  • It is difficult to be away from the people we love when they are potentially in harm’s way. Stay connected as you are able. Students are likely experiencing many conflicted emotions. Don’t try to do this alone, reach out for help. Talk to supportive friends, don’t entertain uninformed opinions, use Duke resources.
  • When stressed we need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. Your ability to manage your stress makes you more able to be supportive to your family and friends back home. It is also important that you continue your path, as you are creating a future for you and your people. Sleep, eat and bathe regularly, if this is difficult right now, that is understandable and is a good reason to go to CAPS or Student Health, or talk to a friend or advisor. Try to do one relaxing thing each day.
  • Go easy on yourself. This is hard. 

Community Resources

Duke International Student Center:  DISC staff are available daily to assist you with any concerns you may have. Visit their website to book an appointment during office hours or contact them directly at

The Duke Student Wellness Center provides all students with care and coaching. Staff there assist with health needs and support your path to personal success and happiness.

There are many spaces for prayer, meditation, wellness and sensory well-being on campus. Visit the Interfaith Engagement group’s website for further information.

Are you concerned about a student’s wellbeing or health? You can access support through DukeReach to reach departments and groups on campus who can assist the student in getting the help they need.

The UCLA-Duke University National Center for Child Traumatic Stress offers information on how to talk to children about war and help foster resilience.

Do you know a Duke Kunshan University student currently on the Duke campus who may need assistance? Reach out to Irina Adams for help.

Opportunities to Assist

The list below is a sample of groups mobilizing support for those affected by the situation in Ukraine. You can also find updated information through the Duke Relief Efforts page.

Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontiers) is working in Mariupol to treat the wounded and at the Polish-Ukrainian border seeking to get staff and supplies into Ukraine.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC): ICRC is working closely with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society to support people affected by the war in Ukraine.

Support Hospitals in Ukraine: Project C.U.R.E. provides “trauma-related equipment and surgical tools.”

UNICEF: UNICEF’s emergency interventions in Ukraine include providing health, hygiene and education supplies; providing safe drinking water to conflict-affected areas; protecting children separated from their families; and working on the ground to provide emergency assistance.

Professor Edna Andrews, Director of the Center for Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies, has vetted and recommended the following organizations:

Duke Experts Provide Insight

Want to know more about what is happening in the region? See the following resources below for more information.

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