New Duke-Exeter Grants Available

The partnership between the two universities will spur collaboration in key areas.

-By Charles Givens

January 26, 2022

Duke and the University of Exeter have partnered in a new round of funding for research and projects called Accelerator Grants and Initiator Grants. Open now to faculty from both universities, these grants prioritize themes of global health, climate change, immigration, and public humanities.

Initiator Grants offer up to $5,000 and are intended to support pilot projects to establish or broaden academic and research collaboration.

The Accelerator Grants are intended to support larger scale initiatives with the aim of securing external funding and/or producing high level outputs and impact and rewards up to $50,000.

The application deadline for both grants is April 1, 2022, with successful applicants being notified no later than April 29, 2022.

Interested parties can head here for the full slate of guidelines and forms.