Erica Field Wins 2022 Global Service Award

Professor Field will receive $500 towards her continued research

-By Charles Givens

March 17, 2022

The Office of Global Affairs has selected the winner for the 2022 Global Service Award – Erica Field, Professor of Economics and Global Health.

“We receive such excellent nominations for this award. Erica’s body of work reflects our office’s mission of fostering research abroad and collaboration at home,” says Eve Duffy, Associate Vice Provost for Global Affairs.

Erica Field, Professor of Economics and Global Health

Each year, the Office of Global Affairs will offer the Global Service Award to Duke faculty and staff who have made significant contributions to the university or the global community through international research, teaching, scholarship and service.


Field is a scholar of development economics, labor economics, economic demography and health. She joined the Duke faculty in 2011 and is co-director of DevLab@Duke, an applied learning environment that focuses on connecting social scientists at Duke who work in international development.

Her research focuses on the areas of marriage and family, property rights, global health, and finance and entrepreneurship. In a recent published paper, she argues for a woman’s control over earnings and how it may influence gender norms and roles in India.

In September 2021, she was awarded a five-year grant from the National Institutes of Health to further explore domestic violence in Peru with her research project “Training Leaders to Prevent and Reduce Domestic Violence in Their Communities: Experimental Evidence From Peru.”

“I don’t know anyone on campus who works harder to improve the lives of the global poor, and Erica does so in a way that brings enormous benefits to students, postdocs and faculty on campus,” says Erik Wibbels, Robert O. Keohane Professor of Political Science. “Whether you talk to people at the World Bank, in the government of Peru or microcredit NGOs in India, they all testify to the depth and breadth of Erica’s engagement. They know and trust her in a way that reflects her enormous investment with the international development community, both local and global.”


Field’s contributions are felt within the Duke community. “I’ve learned a huge amount from her as a co-author and as a colleague,” says Robert Garlick, Assistant Professor of Economics. “Erica combines a brilliant intellect, wide-ranging knowledge across different aspects of international development research, deep commitment to improving international development, and a strong sense of kindness in her interactions with colleagues, students, partners and research participants.”

The next Global Service Award will be offered in 2023, with nominations due February 2023. Faculty and staff who have been employed by Duke for five or more years are eligible for nomination.