La Sabana delegation with Duke’s administrative leaders

Duke Welcomes La Sabana Delegation

Durham one of many stops during trip to United States

-By Suzie Choi

October 12, 2022

In our constantly changing world, education likewise must adapt and transform to meet the evolving needs of society.

Launched by Universidad de la Sabana from Chía, Colombia, Academic Transformation Macro Project aims to change the current academic model in higher education. As a first phase of the project, the delegation from the university visited the world’s top universities. One of their first stops was Duke University.

Jaime Pantoja, La Sabana’s Executive Director of Academic Transformation and two other directors met with several Duke senior leaders during their visit. They discussed innovative academic models for the future of higher education, and were particularly interested in DukeEngage, Bass Connections and other curricular innovations.

“It was a pleasure to host the delegation from Universidad de La Sabana and learn more about the university’s academic transformation project,” said Eve Duffy, Associate Vice Provost for Global Affairs. “Several of Duke’s administrative leaders generously took time to meet with the delegation and share how they’ve built community and promoted interdisciplinary at Duke.”

The visitors left inspired by Duke’s interdisciplinarity and innovative programming and look forward to implementing similar approaches in their project.