The national flag of Thailand blows in the wind on a sunny day.

Duke Selected for Thai Partnership Program

New opportunities for collaboration and research

-By Charles Givens

February 21, 2024

Duke University is one of 19 U.S. universities chosen to participate in the 2024 International Academic Partnership Program (IAPP), an initiative fostering collaboration between American and Thai higher education institutions. The U.S. cohort of this program comprises community colleges, state universities and other private universities.

The national flag of Thailand blows in the wind on a sunny day.
The national flag of Thailand blows in the wind. (Photo credit: Chris Robert on Unsplash)

Since 2009, the IAPP has created lasting partnerships between U.S. and foreign universities, boosting exchanges, knowledge creation and internal structures. Showcasing the power of collaboration, the program inspires and fuels international academic cooperation.

The IAPP, co-organized by the Institute of International Education (IIE) and the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, aligns with the 190th anniversary of U.S.-Thai diplomatic relations. Over the next nine months, Duke and Thailand partners are teaming up to work on student exchanges, joint research and other academic collaborations.


The program presents significant opportunities for Duke. Faculty will have the chance to partner with Thai counterparts on joint research projects to create a broader impact, and through those partnerships, will build deeper relationships and collaborative efforts between Duke and Thai universities. “Duke has an expanding footprint in Thailand, and we’re excited to enter this program to establish strategic partners,” said Eve Duffy, Associate Vice Provost for Global Affairs.

Duke’s participation in IAPP underscores its commitment to global engagement and reflects its international community, marking a significant step in fostering meaningful cross-cultural exchange and academic collaboration.