Understanding the Refugee Crisis

November 3, 2015

Last year, the number of forcibly displaced people worldwide exceeded 50 million, branding the current refugee crisis the worst of its kind since World War II.


By June of this year, that number had risen to 59.5 million, an unprecedented figure in recorded history.

As the global migrant crisis worsens, thousands of refugees from around the world continue to arrive in North Carolina. The Triangle has become a primary resettlement area within the state for individuals and families fleeing persecution and conflict, many of whom find temporary or permanent homes in Duke’s neighboring communities.

With burgeoning student interest in assisting refugee communities in accessing education, overcoming language barriers and finding community support, the Kenan Institute for Ethics Refugee Project, directed by Suzanne Shanahan, has grown to include many opportunities for the Duke community to build ties with its refugee neighbors, as well as to engage with refugees abroad. Through Kenan programs, Duke students and faculty are working to understand the impacts of this global crisis on the well-being of displaced people around the world.

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