Health and Safety Abroad

Nicholas School student.jpg
Nicholas School student Jennifer Finley Lezcano's fieldwork in Peru.

Visit the travel clinic

Your first step to stay safe while abroad is to visit the international travel clinic before you leave.

During a pre-travel visit, your doctor will give you the vaccines and prescriptions you need for your specific destination. He or she will also share tips to prevent accidents and illness.

Get travel alerts

Check out the State Department website for warnings and alerts about the country you are visiting.

You may also wish to review Duke’s travel policies and restricted regions list.

Review fieldwork safety tips

If you will be doing research on the ground, review Duke's tips about how to stay safe while doing fieldwork.

Check in with your program coordinator

Your program staff back home want to make sure you are healthy and safe. If you have any concerns, please reach out to your program contact at Duke. He or she will help you find the resources you need.