Previously Funded ERIC Projects

Funding for Education & Research Innovations in China began in the Fall of 2012. Previously funded ERIC projects include:

The Use of Patterns in Chinese Art, Print Culture, and Contemporary Architecture
Merrill Shatzman, Art, Art History and Visual Studies

Crime, Media and Policy (Visiting Professor Grant)
Ken Rogerson, Public Policy

Geographic Information System Training for Research and Public Health
Paul Lantos, MD, Pediatric Infectious Diseases and General Internal Medicine

Water - Energy Workshop III
Avner Vengosh, Nicholas School of the Environment, Division of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Gaming, Conflict and Asia: Workshop and Gameplay at DKU
Leo Ching, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Critical Thinking Skills at DKU: Workshop, Study Group, and Best Practices
Ken Rogerson, Sanford School of Public Policy

Scientific Workshop on Ozone Research
Junfeng (Jim) Zhang, Global and Environmental Health

Entrepreneurial Fundamentals Workshop
Jesko von Windheim, Environmental Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Preparing for a Changing Climate and Altered Landscape: A Workshop for Uniting Theoretical and Empirical Approaches to Biodiversity Science
Anne Yoder, Biology

Chinese Digital Humanities
Carlos Rojas, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Interfaces: the human experience of engineering
Thomas DeFrantz, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Independent Studies on Decision-making: An Undergraduate Research Program
Brian Hare, Evolutionary Anthropology

Explaining China's Remarkable Economic Performance Since 1978
William Keech, Political Science

Empire and Language: Translingual Inter-Asia
Nayoung Aimee Kwon, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Duke and DKU Water-Energy Workshop II
Avner Vengosh, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Chinese Science Fiction and the Post-Human
Carlos Rojas, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Sidney Gamble Photograph Exhibition in China
Guo-Juin Hong, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Workshop to Evaluate the Feasibility in Establishing Research Centers on Physical Sciences and Engineering at DKU
Jie Liu, Chemistry

Workshop on Designing a Professional Graduate Program on Environmental Management
Erika Weinthal, Nicholas School of the Environment

Courses in Computational Evolutionary Analyses
Allen Rodrigo, Biology

Developing Medical Physics Graduate Program at DKU
Fang Fang Yin, Medical Physics Graduate Program

Writing in DKU
Denise Comer, Thompson Writing Program

Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes in Chinese and American Children: ethnic, social, and biological determinants, clinical management, and implications for public health systems and policy
Michael Freemark, Cell Biology, Pediatrics-Endocrinology

Travelling Exhibit of Duke's Gamble Photography Collection
Guo-Juin Hong, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Innovations in Long Term Care: A US-Chinese Partnership for Education and Research
Eleanor McConnell, Geriatrics and Duke Aging Center

Neuroeconomics in China
Craig Roberts, Neuroscience

The Biological Root of Human Nature: An Interdisciplinary Education Program on Evolutionary Anthropology
Brian Hare, Evolutionary Anthropology

Bringing NESCent to China: Developing a Synthesis Center Model to Facilitate Collaboration Across Space and Time
Allen Rodrigo, Biology

Community Health Observatory in Kunshan (CHOK): A Proposal for Establishing Demographic Health Surveillance Site in China
Shenglan Tang, Global Health

Building Bridges in Arts/Humanities: Theater Studies Research Group
Claire Conceison, Theater Studies