Mapping Duke's Global Partnerships

September 5, 2017
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Duke partnerships by country

The Office of Global Affairs is pleased to announce the launch of the Duke Global Partnership Database, a directory of the university’s academic and research collaborations around the world.

The database, which captures 177 agreements, represents the wide variety of collaborations between Duke departments and international universities, NGOs, hospitals, foundations and more.

Colette Watt, who manages the database, said she hopes it will be a campus-wide resource for faculty and staff interested in creating and building on these partnerships.

“As a global university, we achieve our goals hand-in-hand with leading institutions from all over the world,” she said. “I’m hoping this database will help the Duke community find and pursue even more opportunities to partner with scholars and researchers globally.” 

Put your Partnerships on the Map

As Duke’s global partnerships develop and grow, we need your help.

If you don’t see your partnership listed, please send a copy of your agreement to Colette Watt. She can talk with you to make sure your collaborations are fully represented in the database, which helps us represent Duke’s true international reach.

Explore the Database

When you visit the Global Partnerships Database, you can search by keyword, partner, country of interest or type of agreement.

You can also explore the map to see where Duke’s partners are located.

Establish a New Partnership

Duke Global supports faculty and staff in creating and managing international partnerships. Whether you’re searching for a like-minded partner, establishing a Memorandum of Understanding, or scaling up an existing partnership, we have the resources to help you achieve your goals.

At any step in the process, please contact Colette Watt for guidance and assistance.

You can find the database any time on the Faculty Resources page of our site, under Global Partnerships.