Protocol for Hosting International Visitors

Duke University welcomes many distinguished international visitors to its Durham campus, linking the Duke community on campus with current and prospective research and teaching partners from around the world.

If your visitor is a sitting official of the United States government, please contact Chris Simmons, Associate Vice President for Federal Relations, regarding protocol and security arrangements.

If your visitor is a North Carolina State official, please contact Paul Vick, Associate Vice President for Government Relations.

The Office of Global Affairs can offer guidance on protocol for visiting foreign delegations regarding:

  • Proper forms of address
  • Cultural practices and customs
  • Gift exchange
  • Flag etiquette

The Office of Global Affairs can also provide briefing and agenda templates, as well as suggestions regarding Duke administrators, faculty and student groups with whom the visitor(s) might meet.

If you are planning to develop a formal agreement with an international institution, please see Duke’s global partnership guidelines here. Please contact Colette Watt to ensure that an agreement does not already exist between Duke University and the prospective partner institution.

For protocol guidance and more information, please contact Colette Watt, Program Coordinator, Office of Global Affairs, by email or at 919-684-0682.