Duke Activity by Country/Region

The Duke community is engaged in a range of international teaching, research, service and learning activities around the world. Download the activity sheets below to review Duke activity by country or region.

A-Z Index of Global Programs and Resources

This index includes international programs and resources from across the university listed alphabetically.

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More than 150 faculty members from across Duke's campus and medical school engage in scholarship, teaching, outreach and innovations with partners on the African continent.

View and download the Africa activity sheet.

Australia and Oceania

Duke students and faculty are involved with research and study opportunities on a wide range of topics related to this region, including the health of the world’s oceans and coral reefs.

View and download the Australia and Oceania activity sheet.


Duke students and scholars have a wide range of ties to Brazil, including longstanding work in medicine, the environment and humanities. The Duke Brazil Initiative, the Global Brazil lab and the Brazilian and Global Portuguese major are a few examples of Duke's institutional focus on Brazil.

View and download the Brazil activity sheet.


Duke enrolls over 1,000 students from China and maintains a number of programs and partnerships in China. Duke Kunshan University in Kunshan, China, offers a range of academic programs and conferences for students from the U.S., China and around the world.

View and download the China activity sheet.

East Asia

Duke shares a deep connection with East Asia, beginning with Duke's first international student, who arrived on campus from China in 1881. The relationship between Duke and East Asia has grown to encompass research exchanges, study abroad opportunities and a joint venture university in Kunshan, China.

View and download the East Asia activity sheet.


Duke students and faculty members engage in a wide range of research, teaching and service activities in and related to Europe. These activities represent a full range of disciplines, including the arts, business, humanities, law, natural sciences and engineering.

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India presents a wealth of learning and service engagement opportunities for the Duke community, including three Duke Engage programs and several Duke Medicine programs hosted in India.

View and download the India activity sheet.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Duke University programs and course offerings in Latin American and Caribbean Studies reflect the breadth, complexity and importance of the ties that bind the countries and cultures of the Western hemisphere.

View and download the Latin America and the Caribbean activity sheet.

North Africa and the Middle East

Duke is home to hundreds of scholars whose studies and research related to North Africa and the Middle East range from Islamic feminism to representational politics to the modernization of the Middle East.

View and download the North Africa and the Middle East activity sheet.

North America

While many of Duke’s global activities take place abroad, an extraordinary amount of global learning and engagement takes place on the Duke campus in Durham, in our local community and in North America.

View and download the North America activity sheet.

Russia and Eurasia

Duke University programs and course offerings in Russian and Eurasian studies attempt to examine the deep and complex history this region shares with the United States.

View and download the Russia and Eurasia activity sheet.


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