Global Vision

“Wherever our students come from, we owe them the chance to immerse themselves in the world’s cultures and learn how to work with people from widely diverse origins… … All of the deepest challenges we face —in economic development, in environment, in security, in health—arise across borders and must be solved across borders. We must be international to be part of that solution.”

          Duke University President Richard H. Brodhead
          October 18, 2007
Address at the annual meeting of the Duke University faculty

Global Vision 

The university’s global vision, revised in 2013, outlines a three-campus approach to global education in which learning takes place:

  1. At the university’s home campus in Durham, NC
  2. Across a network of sites and partnerships abroad
  3. Online, through Duke’s many interfaces for teaching and research

Global Programs

Duke’s global programs are increasingly characterized by four interrelated features, which the university has identified as key principles for global engagement:

  • The integration of teaching and research
  • An interdisciplinary approach
  • A commitment to engagement
  • A focus on developing regions of the world

More details are available in the report A Global Vision for Duke University.