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“Extending Duke Medicine’s mission to transform medicine and health globally.” 

About Duke Medicine Global

Launched in 2009, Duke Medicine Global (DMG) coordinates strategic international partnerships and programs with the aim of amplifying Duke Health’s positive impact on human health globally.

DMG develops, implements, and supports internationally-focused work conducted across Duke's Schools of Medicine and Nursing, and the Duke University Health System. DMG partners with leaders in healthcare, education, and business to meet the strategic needs of healthcare organizations across the globe. Through the development of partnerships and global programs and the provision of training, strategic planning and advisory services, DMG strives to:

  • Expand the reach of Duke's innovative scientific research to healthcare and education systems across the globe;
  • Promote the rapid translation of breakthrough discoveries beyond the US;
  • Educate current and future leaders in healthcare, science, and research in diverse regions of the world; and
  • Advance evidence-based clinical practice to improve community health and help reduce health inequalities across the globe.


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