Duke Global Baton Begins Hometown Series

May 8, 2020

Students and staff around the world will share images of what home means to them during summer 2020.

Image: Amanda Solliday / Office of Global Affairs​​​​​​​

-By Duke Global staff

Connect with members of the Duke community as they post images of their hometowns through the Duke Global Baton beginning on May 10.

This is the seventh year of the collaborative photo project on Instagram.

The images may look a bit different this summer with social distance protocols and travel restrictions, but participants plan to offer a photo tour of domestic and international locations, including Colombia, Pakistan, Singapore, Idaho, Connecticut and North Carolina.

The hometown series, run by the Office of Global Affairs, aims to highlight the many backgrounds and experiences of Duke students and staff.

“The COVID-19 crisis has added an entirely new and immediate justification for this focus on our diverse community and the varieties of summer experiences back at home,” says Eve Duffy, associate vice provost of global affairs.

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